Setup Karenderia Web and Apps


We can build your website with Karenderia Multiple Restaurant script. This service only include “web system”. If you want to build/publish mobile app service you should check our other products.

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Hi there!

We have 5+ years of experience in karenderia multiple restaurant system (KMRS).

This offer include;

  • setup front website, backend with merchant and admin panel.
  • addon modules from Karenderia Bastiapp.
  • SMS Gateway
  • Setup Google Map or MapBox
  • Update karenderia to lastest version.
  • Do minor changes.

– Reskin (This services are extra. You should contact with me about this ones.)

  • redesign Karenderia Mobile App v2
  • redesign Karenderia Driver App
  • redesign Karenderia merchant app. V1
  • redesign Karenderia merchant app V2
  • color change as per your logo.

– Extra Chat Features

  • I can add Chat feature to;
  • Mobile App V1 and V2
  • Driver App
  • Merchant App (Order Taking)
  • Single Restaurant App.


  • PHP, Yii, PhoneGap, Monaca, Cordova.

Please discuss before ordering to make a job 100% success. 

😎 We’re not selling KMRS. We’re giving installation, publish, design, development etc. services. And we’re selling our own designes, features, services etc. We’re working to make KMRS best! And we’re doing best.

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