Live Desk Plugin


Your customers can take live support from you or your customer care team. You can answer them easily. And it’s complately free for lifetime!

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We can add live desk extension to your karenderia mobile apps. You (admin or customer care team) can talk with your customers. Customers can send a message to you. And you will notification to your PC and your mobile phone. So you can answer your customers easily.
You can create a customer care team with this addon. So you can check your team. You can give special jobs to them. When your customers talked with your team member you will take an email. You can read that conversation with that email. Or you can check all messages on chat panel.

This plugin very usefull for you, your customer care team and your customers! 🙂 You can use this live desk addon for life time without extra fee. It’s complately free!
If you have any question please send a message to me first 🙂

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