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Your Karenderia System, Your Plugins!

We’re giving Karenderia Multiple Restaurant system services, plugins, custom codes, monthly support etc.

For iPhones For Android

Join over +50 happy clients!

Be updated!

Take monthly support from us and don’t do any technical things about updates!

We can update your mobile apps and website on every new update! So just focus your sellings and promotions! Don’t waste your time with updates and backups!

Beautiful application screens

Affordable pricing for everyone

Production, loading and design services that are most suitable for your budget. Moreover, save more money with monthly support!

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Basic Package


Pay monthly

Auto updates for 3 mobile apps
Auto updates for KMRS Web
Free Karenderia.Pro updates
Pay monthly
Discounts for custom works
Please contact first
Buy Now
For entreprises

Contact us

Discount for multiple months

Include all Basic Package features
K-Restaurant Apps (if you need)
Daily file backups
Daily database backups
Earn with us!
Premium Support
Unic features
Free powerfull server (if you need)
You can save money with monthly plan
Some times there is multiple updates from CodeCanyon or from us in same month. So you can be updated with monthly support and you can save your money!
Free online support
You can get help about your system, mobile apps, admin panel, merchant panel, driver panel etc. for free! We’re here for you!

You need a good VPS for your karenderia system!

You can get a good VPS for your karenderia system with CPanel. We have all last technolgy for you! Please note: We’re not giving shared hosting. Karenderia system will not work at shared hostings. We’re giving best VPS hostings for your system.